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CiviTONICA in CORTO (or “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA”) is an international film festival dedicated to short films. The event is organized by the municipal administration of Civita Castellana – Italy, in particular by the Culture Office and the CiviTONICA team.



“Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” International Short Film Festival


Art. 1 – Organization and Objectives

This Regulation governs the organizational modalities of the event called “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” International Short Film Festival within the Kermesse program called “CiviTONICA” organized annually by the City of Civita Castellana – Italy. The “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” is open to the first effort and then all film-makers , both Italian and foreign, who are independent, with the aim of enhancing the cultural value of participating works and spreading it through the presentation of previews, retrospectives, meetings, exhibitions and occasions created ad hoc.


Art. 2 – Sections of the Festival

The theme of the festival is free and interested will be able to present short films, made with both analogue techniques and digital techniques of up to 20 minutes.

It is divided into TWO sections:

  • “ShortDOC”. The documentary section is open to all gender videos in the widest exception of term. The selection of films is in the unquestionable judgment of the Team of “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA”
  • “Storytelling”. The section covers narrative shorts (fiction) of Italian nationality, so it is short Classically comedy is also works of other genres (horror, thriller, Science fiction, police, dramatic) made in the current year. There Film selection is in the unquestionable judgment of the Team of “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA”

It is mandatory for the short films in the foreign language to include subtitles in Italian.

It is also possible to participate in the Festival with works that have already participated in other festivals.


 Art. 3 – Participants

Only the holders of the related rights or subjects authorized in writing by the original holders may subscribe to the Festival. Up to two films are eligible for each participant, provided they are in line with these Rules. The holders of the works involved in the selection must send their jobs by 31 may 2017.

Art. 4 – Registration

The aspiring participants of the Festival must complete the enrollment procedure which necessarily entails, subject to exclusion, the “CiviTONICA in CORTO”, the following material:

1- Registration form regularly completed and signed;

2- N. 1 DVD copy of the proposed work (or a link – see below);

3- N. 1 CD ROM containing:

  • Short synopsis;
  • cast & credits;
  • at least 3 high resolution photos of the protagonists / director and any other relevant person;
  • At least 3 photos taken from the frame (frame);
  • Promotional videos (trailer);
  • other optional material (poster, backstage photos / videos, curiosity, etc.).

4- Release that grants to the organization “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” the use of the above material for the promotional, dissemination, information and organizational purposes associated with the Festival. The application for registration is an official agreement between the parties.

5- The above mentioned material must be received by the City of Civita Castellana by the deadline and by postal mail:


at Comune di Civita Castellana - Ufficio protocollo -Via SS. Marciano e Giovanni, 4/6 – 01033 - Italy

Or by telemetry at the e-mail address: “civitonicaincorto@civitonica.com”, replacing the DVD with a link to a web video channel (ex. YouTube, Vimeo or the like) where you can view and download the work. In case of sending the link it is recommended to upload a high quality video and enable the download function.

In the case of works made in a language other than Italian, the DVD, or the movie uploaded on the web, will have to be subtitled in Italian.

The material sent to the Secretariat of “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” will not be returned.

All documents, short films and movies remain in the “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” availability.

The organization assumes no responsibility for postal delays, delayed deliveries, incorrect transcripts of addresses and / or content, videos made unavailable by the web, technical issues and other causes independent of their will that may spoil or impede the proper registration of a work by festival.


Art. 5 – Minor actors

If, in a work presented at the festival, actors under the age of 18 have been employed, it is necessary to attach to the registration form, for each, a copy of the signature signed by the operator, the power to the minor.

It is understood that the Body is deemed to be relieved of any responsibility – inherent in the participation of minor (s) – which remains the sole responsibility of the director of the work.


Art. 6 – Selection of Participants

All applications for “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” will be selected by a committee which will choose the names of the finalists at its sole discretion.

Participants admitted to the final stage of the Festival will be notified by email to the address provided in the registration and, by the same means, they will have to confirm their participation within the next 48 hours. In case of non-confirmation, the Commission reserves the right to exclude from the Festival its work and to assign the place vacant to another participant.


Art. 7 – Final stage of “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA”

The final stage of the Festival is an event organized by the CiviTONICA’S team, 7-8-9 July 2017.

“Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” will exhibit a schedule of appointments with projections, meetings, exhibitions, conferences and special events, aimed at giving maximum emphasis to the initiative and the participating works. The calendar of the events related to the event will be published on the “CiviTONICA” website and advertised through the channels set up by the organization (leaflets, posters, web partners and media partners, social) and sent to all participants by e-mail.

A shortfilm included in the program of the event can not be withdrawn except for causes of force majeure that must be promptly communicated and motivated to CiviTONICA’s team.

If a work is withdrawn from the final stage without communication and adequate motivation, “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” reserves the right to contest the participant for any damage suffered and incurred at the event.


Art. 8 – Obligation to participate

Those who have been admitted to the final stage of the Festival are obliged to participate with the presence of one or more people – important – of the presented work (for example: protagonists, director, authors, screenwriters, director of photography, etc.) .

Failure to participate in the final match of at least one of the above figures will result in the inability to deliver any prizes that may be deemed “non-awarded” and no right can be claimed against “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA”.


Art. 9 – Jurisdiction and awards

At the final event there will be several juries, each of which will be judged by the winners of the Festival. The juries are:

  • Jury Technique: made up of authoritative figures in the world of cinema, culture, entertainment, journalism and institutions;
  • Jury Popular: Composed in a heterogeneous way by fans who follow the Festival;


The “CiviTONICA in CORTO” prizes are thus identified:

  • The best cash prize money, plus a trophy specially made
  • Public prize, plus a trophy specially made.

Special prizes can be awarded by “CiviTONICA in CORTO” in collaboration with institutions, third parties, event sponsors, meritorious works and / or particular categories such as: Best Actor / Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay.


Art. 10 – Archive “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA”

All the works participating in the Festival will be included in the cinematic archive of “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA”. The organization may make the works available in the archive available for viewing and consultation, without anything due to the owner / s of the work.

Such forms of consultation exclude any form of public and / or commercial use of the titles in the aforementioned archive of “Shortfilm by CiviTONICA”.


Art. 11 – Changes to the Regulation

“Shortfilm by CiviTONICA” reserves the right to propose modifications and / or additions to these Rules for organizational needs that may arise or to settle any dispute arising from its application or inaccuracy.

These changes will be approved by the Municipal Council and promptly communicated to the participants.


Art. 12 – Notices

For all matters not covered by these Regulations, please refer to the relevant regulations in force. For any controversy that arises between the organization and third parties, the Forum of Viterbo is competent. All activities carried out may not be reproduced or sold to third parties or televisions without the consent of CiviTONICA and the Municipality of Civita Castellana.


Download the authorization (to be completed)


We remind you that you can request any clarification or further information by writing to civitonicaincorto@civitonica.com